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    A. Definition
    1. URL/Link and cookies set will be used as a referral to this website
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    C. Points of referral.
    1. From a unique referral who visits your referral link u will receive 1 point.

    3. Offers

    A. General offers
    1. Users may not finish an offer they have already finished on any of this website sites or on any different site(s).
    2. You can only make the offers that you are really interested in.
    3. We have reserved rights to credit offers at our sole discretion.
    4. You must complete the requirements of the offer put forward by the advertiser, to be credited.
    5. You must agree that the " No Credit Policy " Does not apply with the paid offers and E-mail Submit Offers.
    6. On the offers that require a credit card, you must submit correct credit card information.
    7. You must use a credit card for which you have permission, and only you're the owner of.
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    10. You have to provide only actual information to advertisers. If you will provide false information, this is fraud and your account will be terminated in our sole discretion.

    4. Recompense.

    A. General recompense.
    1. 1. After earning enough points, you can try to get prizes more
    B. Custom rewards.
    1. You can ask for custom rewards.
    2. Custom rewards may not be redeemed as cash / money since the points have no physical value to the user as Money.
    3. Custom rewards can show additional costs, but not limited to shipping.
    4. We can reject Custom Rewards in our sole discretion if we see that it is necessary.
    5. General

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